What’s in a name?

Why “Stand still a while”? The name is obviously derived from the words of the prophet Samuel to Saul, soon to be the King of Israel: “stand thou still a while, that I may shew thee the word of God.” (1Sa 9:27 AV)

A reminder of the duty of the preacher.

Samuel epitomizes the role of every preacher and the duty to communicate a word from the Lord. It is his function to communicate the truth of God rather than his own ideas or views. Samuel was in the happy position to communicate a word from God because he himself been in touch with God prior to this. See v15: “Now the LORD had told Samuel in his ear a day before Saul came, saying…” (1Sa 9:15 AV)

This is a discipline that I am conscious of as I engage in this method of presenting God’s truth. I have no other ambition or desire than an honest, straight-forward approach to God’s word. I have no other agenda than the publication of what I am bound to believe by an examination Scripture. I am not interested in merely parroting the unchallenged opinions of men! I want to cultivate in myself and others the spirit of the Bereans who did not simply ‘swallow’ what even the Apostle Paul told them but: “they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” (Ac 17:11 AV) I am conscious that I must have a word from God to communicate before I can ask anyone to stand still a while to hear it.

The authority of the message.

In using these terms as he sets out to speak God’s word, Samuel invokes the quiet authority of God’s word that demands that even Kings submit to it. Quietly the  prophet demanded the king hear what he had to say as a word with authority. I pray that to the degree that the truth of God is presented in these articles, it will come with that same authority to the hearts of all who read. It should be the dearest desire of every Christian that their heart be firmly under the yoke of Scriptural truth. May God make His word our master in everything. That is what it means to be mastered by Christ, the living word.

A personal word from God.

There was evidently something intensely personal about Samuel’s ministry that I pray will be reflected in the articles posted on this blog. Samuel brought God’s word to Saul in a private, personal setting – the servant being asked to “pass on”. While a blog may be a very public means of communication in one sense, yet in another, it can be a means of reaching individuals as such with Divine truth. That God will speak to the hearts of individuals is the prayer and ambition that lies behind each and every article published here.

The need to stand still and stake time to hear from God.

Samuel obviously recognized the need to “stand still” in order to hear and assimilate the truth of God. We live in a world that is marked by rushing and noise. Life is filled with distractions that take the Christian away from the place of quiet time alone with God. The  articles you read here will, I trust, challenge you to think carefully. There will be things that you cannot simply consider while running to do something else. My challenge to every reader will be to sit down with the word of God and seriously, thoughtfully consider what He has said.

I trust that we will be able to walk together as Saul and Samuel did so long ago and share in the truth of God, benefiting from a time of quiet meditation upon it.

In Christ,

Andy Foster