Be a nuisance!

We admire a man who was firm in the faith, say four hundred years ago . . . but such a man today is a nuisance, and must be put down. Call him a narrow-minded bigot, or give him a worse name if you can think of one. Yet imagine that in those ages past, Luther, Zwingle, Calvin, and their compeers had said, ‘The world is out of order; but if we try to set it right we shall only make a great row, and get ourselves into disgrace. Let us go to our chambers, put on our night-caps, and sleep over the bad times, and perhaps when we wake up things will have grown better.’ Such conduct on their part would have entailed upon us a heritage of error. Age after age would have gone down into the infernal deeps, and the pestiferous bogs of error would have swallowed all. These men loved the faith and the name of Jesus too well to see them trampled on….”

“It is today as it was in the Reformers’ days. Decision is needed. Here is the day for the man, where is the man for the day? We who have had the gospel passed to us by martyr hands dare not trifle with it, nor sit by and hear it denied by traitors, who pretend to love it, but inwardly abhor every line of it . . . Look you, sirs, there are ages yet to come. If the Lord does not speedily appear, there will come another generation, and another, and all these generations will be tainted and injured if we are not faithful to God and to His truth today. We have come to a turning-point in the road. If we turn to the right, mayhap our children and our children’s children will go that way; but if we turn to the left, generations yet unborn will curse our names for having been unfaithful to God and to His Word.”

– (C. H. S., Sermons, 1888, 83-84; cited in Iain Murray, The Forgotten Spurgeon, 192).

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  1. I was reading these days the biography of Stephen Olford. He visited Romania in 2000 and had 2 books published into Romania. He was declared one of the greatest preachers alive. But I found in his biography a compromised preacher. He was a close friend to Billy Graham and associated with Graham’s campaigns even after knowing about Graham’s associations with Liberals and Catholics. Olford had a Catholic nun as “convert” and went to preach for her and 500 nuns in her chapel. His biography is written by his friend, John Phillips. Phillips writes about Olford: “He is a man in the tradition of Daniel and Paul, Martin Luther and John Knox” (page 263). This is a lie. Those people didn’t live in compromise as Olford did. But to speak agains a preacher who is praise by thousand is not popular…

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