Taranaki Bible Conference

I have been spending a few days in New Zealand at the invitation of Stratford Bible Baptist Church to preach at the Taranaki Bible Conference. The preaching was shared with Mr. Keith Daniel, an evangelist with the African Evangelistic Band. The conference ran from Jan 20-22 and the Lord was among us as we heard

Shadow of the Antichrist

Out of print for several years the Shadow of the Antichrist by Rev. Ivan Foster is available again in a revised electronic edition. You can read it online, download a copy or print pages from the book. Here is a devotional look at a much misunderstood section of God’s word. This book will help you

The final word

Notes on the final word God gave to Daniel the prophet. These notes cover the material in two audio messages: Part 1, and Part 2. Please take time to read Daniel 12:1-13 This chapter contains the final words of the Saviour to the prophet on the subject that He has been instructing him about—the rise