Studies in the Tabernacle, Pt1

The Tabernacle – an exhibition of Christ the mediator Introduction Scripture: Exodus 25:8-9 From the time of Moses to the time of David, the Tabernacle that was built at Sinai at the command of God was a dominant feature of the spiritual scene in Israel. At first moving with the people as they travelled in

The Christian duty of tithing

Scripture text: Malachi 3:8; 3:10 Apostasy is departure from God, Malachi 3:7—…ye are gone away from mine ordinances, and have not kept them… In Malachi’s day this apostasy had affected every level of society and profoundly impacted the thinking of the nation about spiritual matters. He particularly addresses the priests who had become corrupt and

When God shakes the earth

Text: Hebrews 12:27 In recent days there have been some terrible reminders of how God can shake the earth. Within a few weeks strong earthquakes have struck Christchurch, NZ; Chile; China; Japan. The Scripture teaches very clearly that the period between Christ’s advents will be marked by such events. See Matthew 24:7-8. Earthquakes in various

Rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem

Since 1987 the Temple Institute has been dedicated to the reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. A great deal of work has been done in this project, including the manufacture of various pieces of Temple furniture; some of the High Priest’s vestments etc. It is the goal to have again a fully functional Temple for

C. S. Lewis – a bridge to Rome!

This article appeared in the Canadian Protestant League newsletter and is re-published with the permission of the author. Copies of this article in booklet form are available by contacting CPL via the web link above. C.S. Lewis: A Bridge to Rome “It is largely due to Lewis, an Anglican, that I converted to the Catholic

Egypt – what the future holds!

Political events that have been developing in Egypt over the last few weeks have drawn the attention of the world upon that nation. It is always interesting – and important for the Christian – to examine such things in the light of God’s word. Bible history of course has a lot to say of Egypt

When God’s word is offensive

A recent online edition of Christianity Today contained an article on a controversy over how to translate the biblical phrase the Son of God in Bibles used in Islamic nations. The problem is that the Koran actually pronounces a curse on the use of such a title and many Christian missionaries have found the use

Taranaki Bible Conference

I have been spending a few days in New Zealand at the invitation of Stratford Bible Baptist Church to preach at the Taranaki Bible Conference. The preaching was shared with Mr. Keith Daniel, an evangelist with the African Evangelistic Band. The conference ran from Jan 20-22 and the Lord was among us as we heard

Shadow of the Antichrist

Out of print for several years the Shadow of the Antichrist by Rev. Ivan Foster is available again in a revised electronic edition. You can read it online, download a copy or print pages from the book. Here is a devotional look at a much misunderstood section of God’s word. This book will help you

The final word

Notes on the final word God gave to Daniel the prophet. These notes cover the material in two audio messages: Part 1, and Part 2. Please take time to read Daniel 12:1-13 This chapter contains the final words of the Saviour to the prophet on the subject that He has been instructing him about—the rise

Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s birth

Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s birth are two things that must always be kept separate in our thinking! However, this has become impossible for many Christians in this age because of the impression created by the erroneous but long-established traditions of men that Christmas IS all about Christ’s birth. It is the common misapprehension

A detailed portrait of Antichrist

Notes on the up close and personal portrait of Antichrist given to Daniel. Scripture: Daniel 11:1-45 These notes cover three messages and you can listen to the audio of these Bible studies by clicking these links:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. The glorious man of Daniel 10:5-6 continues to speak. His purpose is outlined,

The 70 weeks

Notes on the vision of seventy weeks given to Daniel. Scripture: Daniel 9:20-27 You can listen to the audio of this Bible study here. (62 minutes) Before even beginning to consider the instruction that Daniel is given in these verses we need to remember their connection to what has gone before. In Chap 7 Daniel

The rise and fall of Antichrist, Pt3

This study is continued from The rise and fall of Antichrist, Pt2. You can listen to the audio of this message here. Please read Daniel 8:1-27 Two years after the previous vision (7:1, 8:1) Daniel is given further instruction from God. He clearly links this vision to the former, v1. He has not forgotten what

The rise and fall of Antichrist, Pt2

This study continues from Rise and fall of the Antichrist, Pt1. Please note: You can listen to the audio of this study here. Please take time to read Daniel 7:1-28 This chapter clearly deals with events that occur within a definite time period that climaxes with: the return of Christ in royal power having been