Studies in the Tabernacle, Pt11

The golden altar Scripture: Exodus 30:1-10 There were two altars in the Tabernacle — the brazen altar at the gate and the golden altar in the holy place. One was visible to all and the other only to the priests. Both are necessary to a full revelation of the ministry ofChrist as the priestly mediator

Studies in the Tabernacle, Pt10

The Shewbread Table Scripture: Exodus 25:23-30 The great theme of the Tabernacle was the terms on which God and man could meet together and commune together. It was a place of fellowship with God. Cp Exodus 25:22. Various aspects of that great subject are expressed in the component parts of the Tabernacle structure. We have

Studies in the Tabernacle, Pt9

The golden candlestick Exodus 25:31-40 The Tabernacle building consisting of the Holy place and the Holiest of all was the place of fellowship and communion with God. It was the preserve of those who were priests. Since in the NT age all believers are priests, 1 Peter 2:9, the sanctuary represents the fellowship all saints

Studies in the Tabernacle, Pt8

The boards and bars Exodus 26:15-30 In considering these component parts of the Tabernacle we come to consider that which gave structure and form to the dwelling place of God among men. The Tabernacle – ‘dwelling place’ of God – was nothing without these boards and bars. They are a powerful illustration of the person

Equipped to stand

Recently I did a series of Bible studies in the gospel armour spoken of by Paul in Ephesians 6:10-20. They formed the basis of messages I preached at the youth camp sponsored by our Western Canadian congregations this year. You can read the notes and download a PDF copy by clicking on the image to

Studies in the Tabernacle, Pt7

The coverings Scripture: Exodus 26:1-14 There are 4 coverings to consider. Strictly speaking the word Tabernacle, Exodus 26:1 is used only of the 10 curtains of fine twined linen which were embroidered with blue, purple and scarlet. There is a distinction made between the tabernacle, the tent formed by the curtains of goats’ hair; and

Studies in the Tabernacle, Pt6

The Laver Scripture: Exodus 30:17-21 The message of the outer court was a call to be clean in order to meet God. First there was the brazen altar and its symbolism of redemption. Then there was the brazen laver. The great theme set forth by the brazen laver was cleansing in order to communion with

Studies in the Tabernacle, Pt5

The brazen altar Scripture: Exodus 27:1-8, 38:1-7 The court that signified the separated place where God was to be met with by fallen men contained two pieces of furniture, the altar and the laver. The Tabernacle was given as a revelation of Christ’s person and ministry. As the approaching worshipper came to the Tabernacle he

Revolution spreads to Syria

Syria is now on the map of countries in the region with an uprising – Louai al-Hussein Analyst and writer   A BBC news story on the spread of the wave of democratic revolution sweeping across north Africa and the Middle east which has now reached Syria. The nation of Syria will play a prominent

Studies in the Tabernacle Pt4

The court hanging and gate Scripture: Exodus 27:9-19, Exodus 38:9-20 The Tabernacle was the place where God and man met together — its name was ‘the tent of meeting’, Ex 27:21. The tent itself was where God dwelt personally among His people. However, the immediate presence of God was not to be approached directly. Around

The Roman Catholic Mass

The doctrine of the Mass is central to the teaching and practice of the Church of Rome. We should understand that the Mass is not simply the Roman Catholic ‘version’ of the Lord’s Supper. Some Protestants have the idea that attendance at a Mass is not really any different to attending a communion service—it’s just

Relics of the crucifixion

It is hardly surprising to find that as the Easter season approaches stories like the following emerge! Jesus crucifixion nails ‘found’. Two of the nails used to crucify Jesus have been discovered in a 2,000-year-old tomb, according to a new film… Read the report here. ‘Thorn from Jesus’s crucifixion crown’ goes on display at British

Studies in the Tabernacle, Pt3

PREPARATION TO BUILD—THE PROVISION OF LABOURERS. Scripture: Exodus 31:1-11, Exodus 35:30-36:4 The work of God requires more than offerings of construction materials. In order to raise a witness to Christ as the means of reaching common ground and fellowship with God work is required. Those who give with the proper spirit will also be ready

Studies in the Tabernacle, Pt2

PREPARATION TO BUILD Scripture: Exodus 25:1-9, Exodus 35:1-10, Exodus 35:20-36:7 Besides providing a place of worship the great purpose of God in the Tabernacle was to illustrate to Israel the principles of approach to and communion with a holy God — an OT gospel revelation of Christ and His saving work. The two must always