Studies in the Tabernacle, Pt1

The Tabernacle – an exhibition of Christ the mediator Introduction Scripture: Exodus 25:8-9 From the time of Moses to the time of David, the Tabernacle that was built at Sinai at the command of God was a dominant feature of the spiritual scene in Israel. At first moving with the people as they travelled in

The Christian duty of tithing

Scripture text: Malachi 3:8; 3:10 Apostasy is departure from God, Malachi 3:7—…ye are gone away from mine ordinances, and have not kept them… In Malachi’s day this apostasy had affected every level of society and profoundly impacted the thinking of the nation about spiritual matters. He particularly addresses the priests who had become corrupt and

When God shakes the earth

Text: Hebrews 12:27 In recent days there have been some terrible reminders of how God can shake the earth. Within a few weeks strong earthquakes have struck Christchurch, NZ; Chile; China; Japan. The Scripture teaches very clearly that the period between Christ’s advents will be marked by such events. See Matthew 24:7-8. Earthquakes in various