Rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem

Since 1987 the Temple Institute has been dedicated to the reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. A great deal of work has been done in this project, including the manufacture of various pieces of Temple furniture; some of the High Priest’s vestments etc. It is the goal to have again a fully functional Temple for

C. S. Lewis – a bridge to Rome!

This article appeared in the Canadian Protestant League newsletter and is re-published with the permission of the author. Copies of this article in booklet form are available by contacting CPL via the web link above. C.S. Lewis: A Bridge to Rome “It is largely due to Lewis, an Anglican, that I converted to the Catholic

Egypt – what the future holds!

Political events that have been developing in Egypt over the last few weeks have drawn the attention of the world upon that nation. It is always interesting – and important for the Christian – to examine such things in the light of God’s word. Bible history of course has a lot to say of Egypt

When God’s word is offensive

A recent online edition of Christianity Today contained an article on a controversy over how to translate the biblical phrase the Son of God in Bibles used in Islamic nations. The problem is that the Koran actually pronounces a curse on the use of such a title and many Christian missionaries have found the use